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Weedsport Productions LLC is the premiere Live Video Production company in the world of dirt racing and now we are expanding to all live events.  Concerts, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, and more...



Our mobile production vehicle is outfitted with all the latest live switching and replay technology.  We have the NewTek Tricaster 8000, NewTek 3Play 440,  NewTek LiveText, BlackMagic Routing and Conversion, Sony 4K XDCAMs, Communications, Wired and Wireless packages, and more.



Our highly trained crew have worked in environments from the race track to medical facilities, higher education, theater and performing arts, live music production, banking, insurance.  You name an industry and we have a person on our team with experience.



Weedsport Productions LLC was created at Weedsport Speedway, NY in 2016 to film and broadast HD live video production of dirt races at the track.   We have expanded our offering with the mobile production vehicle to produce sporting events, live concerts, corporate events and presentations. 


1 Speedway Drive

Weedsport, NY 13166

Tel: 315-430-3494

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