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Our mobile production vehicle is outfitted with all the latest live switching and replay technology.  We have the NewTek Tricaster 8000, NewTek 3Play 440,  NewTek LiveText, BlackMagic Routing and Conversion, Sony 4K XDCAMs, Communications, Wired and Wireless packages, and more.

NewTek Tricaster 8000

Weedsport Productions has the largest set of multi-camera production capabilities and the most extensive integration with broadcast operations, TriCaster 8000 is the live video system equipped to handle anything: big live shows, incredibly sophisticated Web programs, and branded content for cross-channel delivery and multi-screen experiences. All in a turnkey solution.

NewTek 3Play

3Play is a turnkey sports video production solution that gives Weedsport Productions the creative control to attract new fans, bigger audiences, and more sponsors at a cost that puts replay in reach—and complete sports production at your fingertips.

NewTek NDI

In a single, interconnected production environment, where any device can connect to every other device—and every source is also a destination—live production has limitless possibilities.

4K / HD Cameras

We work with a wide array of cameras to suit the various production environments we work in.  We use a number of "trick" cameras that give our views fresh prospectives of the events we capture so that it isn't your average broadcast coverage.  We have access to any broadcast camera your production requires.

Bad Boy Buggies Production Vehicle

3 Acre Festival - No Problem!  We have our Bad Boy Buggies Golf Cart to get us where we need to be.  We use our vehicle to be where the action is and bring it along on any live video production that requires it.

Wired or Wireless

We have state of the art wireless HD technology as well as a full fiber / SDI backbone connection to our production vehicle.

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